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4th Meeting of Art.14 eHealth Network - Patient Summary Guidelines adopted

The ​​eHealth Network has - at his 4th meeting on 19 November 2013 in Brussels,   Belgium - adopted the "Guidelines on Minimum/Nonexhaustive Patient Summary Dataset for Electronic Exchange in Accordance with the Cross-border Directive 2011/24/EU" (document is referenced as "Release 1",  indicating that there will be revisions of the content over the coming years).

The guidelines aim to enhance continuity of care and ensure safe and high quality healthcare as set out in the Cross-border Healthcare Directive. The basic information for a patient includes both administrative data, e.g. personal information, details of healthcare provider in home country and insurance information, and clinical data, e.g. information about allergies, vaccinations and recent surgical procedures.

  • Good for patients: The guidelines make it possible for patients, upon explicit request, to have a summary of their electronic health record available when visiting another Member State. This means that in the event of planned, unplanned or emergency care, the doctor in the country of treatment will have an electronic overview of the patient, and a set of basic administrative and medical information, which will improve patient safety.
  • Good for national authorities: Currently, many EU countries are in the process of developing their own national electronic health records. As well as providing guidance at EU-level, these recommendations could give national authorities valuable reference both on the procedure and the content of their national patient summary records.

The guidelines document has been prepared by the eHealth Governance Initiative, e.g. with an extended meeting in Munich and regular meetings at Brussels.


eHealth Network [Brussels 19-Nov-2013] Guidelines_Patient_Summary_Cross_Border_en.pdf    

The Joint Action e-Health Governance Initiative JA-EHGov has recieved funding from the European Union, In the framework of the Health Programme.
The project SEHGovIA is Thematic Network and Is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICTPSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Framework Programm by the European Commission.