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Documentation: eHGI Workshop on eID for eHealth - Brussels, 11 - 12 February 2013

​Workshop by the eHealth Governance Initiative on eID for eHealth in Europe. Brussels, 11 - 12 February 2013.

All supporting documents, presentations, the reports of the break-out sessions and the conclusions are available for download.  

Please stand by for the full documentation.


Day2_7_Next Steps.pdf    
Day2_4A_Report-Day1_Results Break Out Session 1+3.pdf    
Day2_3_Possible approach towards eID for eHealth_Gabor Bartha.pdf    
Day2_5_eHGI eID Conclusion Paper_Michéle Thonnet.pdf    
Conclusions_eID EU Governance_Copenhagen 2012.pdf    
Day2_4D_Report-Day1_Results Break Out Session 2.pdf    
Day2_4B_Report-Day2_Results Break Out Session 1+3.pdf    
Day1_1b_EU Initiatives related to eID for eHealth_R.Dimitrova.pdf    
Day1_3_eSENS_Serge Novaretti.pdf    
Day1_3_epSOS on security requirements_Massimiliano Masi.pdf    
Day1_3_STORK on eID_Robert Scharinger.pdf    
Day1_4_Proposal for EC Regulation on eID and trust services_Gabor Bartha.pdf    
Day2_4C_Report-Day1+Day2_Results Break Out Session 4.pdf    
Day1_3_epSOS on eID_Gottfried Heider.pdf    
On site FINAL Agenda_eID Workshop 11 -12 02 2013.pdf    
Day1_1a_Principles and recommendations in the Networks Conclusion_CM.Auer.pdf    
Day2_2_Report-Day1_Main elements_Anna Adelöf.pdf    
Day1_2_Current state of play of eID for eHealth systems in MS_Gabor Bartha.pdf    

The Joint Action e-Health Governance Initiative JA-EHGov has recieved funding from the European Union, In the framework of the Health Programme.
The project SEHGovIA is Thematic Network and Is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICTPSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Framework Programm by the European Commission.