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Work Packages - Extended version and Deliverables

Work Packages - Extended version and Deliverables

  • Joint Action - Work Package 1 Coordination - CO -
    (Leader and Main Partner, The Federal Ministry of Health of Austria (ATNA)). This WP is responsible for internal and external coordination in the global framework of the European eHealth Governance Initiative and will be the single interface with the European Commission Services and APs for strategic, technical, administrative, financial matters &monitoring. The WP leader is also responsible for ensuring coordination and consistency with the activities of the Article 14 eHealth Network. 

The Project Coordination acts as the single interface between the beneficiaries/project members and the EC regarding all project related issues. Project Coordination is usually informed about the financing models, reporting requirements or other issues that a project member might would ask the EC.
The Project Coordination acts also as official contact point for all other internal and external project related inquiries, like questions regarding general project progress, project management issues, financial issues or inquiries of potential new participants. Also in case of dissension among project participants the Project Coordination can serve as intermediary.
The Coordination is the legal entity acting as the intermediary between the parties and the EC. Therefore, it is in close contact with the EC. The Coordination shall, in addition to his responsibilities as a party, perform the tasks assigned to them as described in the Consortium Agreement. The Coordination is in charge of all management and other matters which are not explicitly assigned to another body but necessary to allow for an unobstructed realization of the project.

Competences of the Coordination are:

    • monitor the overall progress of the project (risk/change management)
    • keep an updated overview of all participating members (contact data)
    • collect, review and submit information on the progress of the project and reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and related certification) to the EC
    • prepare EXCO, PSC and WP1 meetings as well as all related activities (e.g. responsibility of minutes)
    • verified deliverables & external documents are reviewed by the EXCO and approved by the PSC
    • propose decisions and monitor the implementation of them
      administer the Initiative Reserve Fund, and
    • prepare in close cooperation with the respective WPLs the Secretary of States' Meetings.
    • Responsible for Project Coordination is the Federal Ministry of Health in  Austria and Coordinator is Dr. Clemens Auer with the support of Gottfried Heider and Isabella Weber.

eHGI Deliverable JA D1.2 Governance Manual V2

  • Joint Action - Work Package 2 Dissemination - DISS - (Led by the National Health Information Centre (NHIC) of Slovakia). Tasks of WP2 are to develop a list of stakeholders, formulate the dissemination strategy and the communication plan, disseminate information from the project to the stakeholders by producing and publishing adequate deliverables, collecting the feedback information from stakeholders and delivering it to the project management. The Dissemination WP will provide support in information sharing, communication and dissemination, with the aim of supporting eHealth framework activities, action plans and guidelines. WP2 is also responsible for:
    • the production and implementation of a Communication Plan in order to ensure that all relevant work and outcomes of the Joint Action have an adequate impact at policy level.
    • ensuring that quality information is made available at the citizen, patient and professional levels, in order to improve confidence and acceptance in the implementation and use of eHealth services.
    • The project web site that provides an information point for the work of the project

The content of dissemination material is developed in close cooperation with WP1.

eHGI Deliverable JA D2.1 eHGI Dissemination strategy FINAL

eHGI Deliverable JA D2.1a eHGI Dissemination Communication Action Plan 2013-2014 

  • Joint Action - Work Package 3 Evaluation - EVA. WP3 is responsible for verifying and/or evaluating that the Joint Action is being implemented as planned. - It does this by undertaking an ongoing review of all actions and analyses their coherence with original objectives as defined generally and specifically in each work package. The workpackage provides recommendations for improvements in the global governance structure.

 eHGI Deliverable JA D3.1 Evaluation progress report I FINAL

  • Joint Action - Work Package 4 Policy Development and Strategy Alignment - PS - (Led by Ministry of Health Sweden and Ministry of Health, Spain)
    The goal of WP4 is to ensure that all work carried out within the project is responding to the needs of patients and health professionals and is closely linked to the National and European healthcare policy framework. Accordingly, work within WP4 has a key role for reaching the main goal of the project, i.e. to better include eHealth into health policy and better align eHealth investments to health needs and bridge the knowledge gaps between the governance, strategy and operational levels. The Work Package does this by carrying out a continuous political analysis of relevant National and European health strategies and eHealth policies as well as legal documents at EU level.
  • Joint Action - Work Package 5  Mainstreaming - MST (Led by Ministry of Health, France). WP5 shall roduce an agreed proposal for a European eHealth Interoperability Strategy as one of the main health policy instrument in the context of the European eHealth Governance Process. While the RoadMap (see the Thematic Network, below) intends to establish the factual basis for decision making, the WP5 Mainstreaming activity is to take the work one step further, to:
    • propose appropriate routes for reaching the priorities set by the HLR
    • produce documents for decision making-health authorities in close cooperation with WP4 and the EXCO (briefing notes)
    • ensure that the process is totally understandable for all stakeholder and could be shared with the "whole eHealth community"

eHGI Deliverable JA D5.1.1 Annual Briefing Notes Roadmap briefing note Budapest 2011
eHGI Deliverable JA D5.1.2 Annual Briefing Notes Conclusions eID EU Governance Copenhagen
eHGI Deliverable JA D5.1.3 Annual Briefing Notes eID Regulation Position Paper Dublin 2013

  • Joint Action - Work Package 6 - Trust and Acceptability - T&A (Led by Service Public Fédéral Santé Publique, Sécurité de la Chaine Alimentaire et Environnement (PFS PH), Belgium). WP6 is to provide stakeholders' representatives with the means and the opportunities to discuss and identify possible ways to enhance trust and acceptability. It is also to make proposals to Member States' representatives as well as to the EC, as appropriate, on how the needs of users shall be best taken into account in the developments of respectively national strategies or EU funded initiatives. The Work Package supports the main outcome of the project, which is contributing to improvements in eHealth governance and enhanced co-ordination between Member States' and the European Commission's eHealth policies. Its three main outcomes are to:
    • Help to develop cross-border eHealth architecture and services
    • Help to implement an efficient economic subsidiary strategy in term of eHealth investment at regional, national and EU levels
    • Help to establish processes which will facilitate global alignment of strategies.

Deliverable JA D6.1 Global Briefing document on Trust and Acceptability   

  • Thematic Network - Work Package 1: Coordination - CO - (Leader  and Main Partner, The Federal Ministry of Health, Austria, (ATNA)). This Work Package is responsible for internal and external coordination in the global framework of the European eHealth Governance Initiative and is the the single interface with the European Commission Services and APs for strategic, technical, administrative, financial matters and monitoring.

eHGI Deliverable TN D1.1.1 eHGI-Logo_COL
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.1.2 eHGI-Logo_BW
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.1.3 project presentation template
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.5 Operations Manual V0.8
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.6.1 Yearly Network Plan
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.6.2 Yearly Network Plan V5 final
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.7 Dissemination Plan
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.8.1 Meeting and Event Summary Report
eHGI Deliverable TN D1.8.2 Meeting Event Summary Report V3 final

  • Thematic Network - Work Package 7: Roadmapping (Led by Ministry of Health, France). Building upon the existing CALLIOPE stakeholders network and consolidated framework, this Work Package is responsible for conducting well prepared workshops in order to refine the existing Roadmap prepared by CALLIOPE. It seeks to bring about a guarantee of consensus needed to pave the way for mainstream implementation.

eHGI Deliverable TN D7.1 (formerD2.1) EID for eHealth - Towards EU Governance

eHGI Deliverable TN D7.2 (formerD2.2) EID for eHealth - Towards coherence with EC proposal for eID regulation

eHGI Deliverable TN D7.3 (formerD2.3) Draft Thematic Roadmap on semantic interoperability

eHGI Deliverable TN D7.4 (formerD2.4) Accessing to health information


  • Thematic Network - Work Package 8: Interoperability, Standardisation and Markets (Led By Ministry of Health, Germany). The development of a European eHealth Interoperability Framework is the main objective of WP 3. It enables and facilitates the development, integration and European wide deployment of knowledge-driven, semantic and technical interoperable eHealth services and infrastructures. Its work incorporates National and European law and regulations are covered together with the security and data protection framework that addresses identification, authentication and role-based authorization mechanisms for health care professionals and patients as well as encryption and electronic signature mechanisms.

Download D8.1_Technical Background of eID Solutions.pdf


  • Thematic Network - Work Package 9: Legal and Protection of Personal Data (LPPD). This Work Package addresses the overall objective 'Legislation as a facilitator' and focuses on the process of removing barriers in a European information health space. It seeks to build a proportionate level of trust in both systems and human processes that surround cross-border health data exchange. A primary objective is to establish an eHealth European Governance framework which will include, but will not be limited to, Information Governance setting out high level policies and auditable processes. 

Download LPPD Contribution to the eU Roadmap

The Joint Action e-Health Governance Initiative JA-EHGov has recieved funding from the European Union, In the framework of the Health Programme.
The project SEHGovIA is Thematic Network and Is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICTPSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Framework Programm by the European Commission.